"C!" "O!" "L!" "E!"

We have been working with Cole and his letter recognition by teaching him the letters in his name. We write out his name constantly and say each letter as we write it. Well, today without any prompting he walked up to his chair and said "C", "O", "L" and "E" while pointing to each letter! Of course when I got Flip (my new video camera...if you don't have it you really should ask for one, amazing) out to record it he would not even look at his name! Urg! Either way, he did it! So Proud!
In honor of his accomplishment, the next day we did a Muffin Tin Munchie and ate foods either in the shape of or that started with the letters in his name. I wasn't completely prepared for this so ignore the juice and strawberries that have no significance whatsoever other than the fact he likes them.
C - Turkey Sandwich
O - Cheerios
L - Lightning McQueen Cookies
E - Cheese

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