He's ONLY Two and He LOVES his iPod Touch

That's right, Cole has his own iPod Touch. No, we did not buy him one. It was mine before I got my iPhone. We had to give it to him because I could not get my phone out to make a call without him freaking out because he wanted to play a game on it. And I mean FREAK OUT. So, to make my life less stressful we put his games on my old iPod Touch and let him have it. Are we bad parents for doing that for him, maybe but at least I can talk on the phone now. I don't feel completely terrible because all but one of his games are educational so at least he is learning his alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. He is learning how to count and how to play the memory game. Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?! By the way, his favorite game is Paper Toss.

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