Vocabulary Words Part IV

Since my absence from blogging, Cole has added several new words to his vocabulary:

53) Doc (Doc Hudson from Cars)
54) Door
55) Dori (From Finding Nemo)
56) Owl
57) Goose = Juice
58) Say, GO! = Ready, Set, GO! (sad while in the 3 point stance my dad taught him)
59) Two, GO! = 1, 2, 3, GO!
60) Boat
61) Sit
62) Hole (said while washing his hands and pointing to the drain)
63) Cat (said a million times while at Jeff and Jessica's house playing with their cat)
64) Sad
65) Sayns, mom = Thanks, mom
66) Poop = (said when he walked up to me pointing to his hiney, gross but a good sign that potty training might be coming sooner than I thought)
67) Pane = Airplane
68) Oh, sorry mom!
69) Saursaur = Dinosaur (always said in a very high pitched little voice)
70) On
71) Off
72) Tash = Trash
73) Sock

Don't worry. I am not going to list every single new word he says for the rest of his life. I think I will stop at 100 and then switch to Conversations with Cole! With all these new words I know funny conversations are just around the corner!

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