Guess What We're Going to be in AUGUST!!


In August Cole will be a cousin for the very first time! I will be an aunt for the first time and RT will be a first time uncle. Most importantly though, my little sister and her husband Jon are going to be first time parents and what AMAZING parents they will be! They just had their first appointment on the 8th and have told everyone they wanted to know first so I am allowed to post this now!

They told us the wonderful news on Christmas morning! How fun is that?!?! Best Christmas surprise EVER {I knew they were trying but didn't know she was pregnant and nobody else had a clue it was even a possibility}! When we were at my parents house Christmas morning they arrived and brought in all their gifts and a huge box they said was a family gift and that it was Jon's idea to buy it. We were all thinking it was something for the pool for this summer or even a volleyball set. We opened all of our presents from my parents and decided we would open the "family" gift last. Well, Jon gets his camera out to film and take pictures and just as my parents are starting to open it Cole runs around the corner and eats it on the tile. Perfect. So I am holding him and consoling him while my parents unwrap the package and then all of the sudden my mom starts screaming and crying and jumping up and down, Cole is still crying, my dad is freaking out and it was AWESOME {I hope Kori posts the video of it on her blog. Classic Shauna reaction}! After everyone calmed down Kori told the story about when she found out and how she told Jon {I'll let her tell you that story}. The rest of the morning and day we were still in shock and couldn't believe it! Christmas 2009 was perfect and the best Christmas Ever!

Before Kori and Jon left for Christmas at the Bailey's we helped them re-wrap the box because they were telling Jon's family the same way. They had the same reaction we did and both families are over-the-moon excited!
Congratulations Kori and Jon! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet little baby Bailey!


Jessica said...

Congratulaions! That's so exciting.

Anonymous said...

How FUN! Congrats to everyone! I tired to comment on Kori's blog, but couldn't because I am not a "blog snob" Ha Ha! Tell them Congrats from me! Is there only one in there??????


miles3_17 said...

How exciting!! please tell them congrats! take care.