Taking a Break

Well ladies and gentlemen....I am going to take a break from the blog world. I have been feeling guilty every time I sit down at the computer to blog, read blogs and comment on blogs and I think it is because I know I should be doing other valuable things with my time. Even though I try really hard to only blog when Cole is napping or asleep at night I do find myself sneaking time in when my husband is home from work or when Cole is watching a show. During both of those times I should be spending it with my husband and with Cole and/or doing more important things around the house. I want to take this time to really focus on RT and Cole, to start working out, to read the new books I received for Christmas, and to even do the not-so-fun things better like cleaning, laundry etc. So, for at least the next month I am not going to read your blogs. If something major happens and you think I should know about it please email or call me. I am also going to shut down my facebook account because that is just a crazy useless distraction. I am going to still blog about our lives. So far we only have a couple of things on the calendar for this month so I shouldn't have to spend much time on it but I don't want to fall behind because I will never catch up. So, happy blogging everyone. I will catch up with you in a month or so!


Dustin & Kate said...

Good for you, Lyric! I have enjoyed your blog (although I am not sure I've ever commented on here before???), and I will still continue to follow it. I think you are wise to take a step back and focus on what's really important! I can totally relate to the feelings of guilt, because I feel the same way when I'm blogging while I should be hanging out with Nora or Dustin!
God bless you in 2010! :)

the rodriguez crew said...

LYRIC, I really feel like I should follow your lead on this!! I may do exactly that after I get a few Christmas posts up and feel like I can disconnect. I feel guilty OFTEN, and that probably means that i'm overindulging! I went through a phase a few months ago when every time I had the urge to come in here (late at night usually), I'd pick up my book instead. I really want to get back to that! I think this is a great idea... see you/talk to you in a month or so! enjoy getting DEBLOGIFIED! :)