Vocabulary Words Part III

Well Cole has done it again. Since December 24th he has said 15 New Words! Hurray!

38) Star
39) Hat
40) Grants = Gramps
41) Pop Pop
42) Eat it? (said while asking me if he could eat the Play doh he was playing with!)
43) Gosh
44) Bone (said while giving one to our dog Finn)
45) Crash (said has his trains crashed on the tracks)
46) Whale (randomly said while watching the Prudential commercial on TV)
47) Kiss
48) Kickey = Mickey Mouse
49) Daisey
50) Momo = Nemo
51) Sna = Snack
52) Cow...mooo

We are unbelievably PROUD!

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the rodriguez crew said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You'll have to record him with your Flip so we can see this in action!