Rockin' Road Show

One of Cole's Christmas presents this year was tickets to see Disney's Live Rockin' Road Show so last night was the night we took Cole so see his very first Live concert/show! He had so much fun watching his pals sing and dance....he definitely did NOT move a muscle until the very end when he wanted to stand in the aisle and dance and clap to the music. So cute!
When we arrived at the American Airlines Center the first thing we did was hit up the souvenir booth and let Cole pick out a toy. He decided on the Buzz Light-Year action figure and did not put it down until half way through the show. He has played with it all day today too! Then we made it to our seats and it was so cute to see all the little girls dressed up in their Disney Princess dresses and to see how excited every single kid was there. Then the lights went down and the show began. Right off the bat we saw Cole's favorite character, GOOFY!

The first half of the show was all about the road trip Mickey and his friends took to find talent to perform at their talent show. They met Woody, Jesse and Buzz, Cinderella and Tiger! Then it was time for a short intermission and some time to stretch our legs before we headed back to our seats for the remainder of the show.
The second half of the show was the talent show Mickey and his friends put on. There was a lot of singing, dancing and juggling. By the end of the show all the kids were on their feet and dancing away...Cole included!

It was definitely a low budget production and was totally cheesy to the adults but Cole loved it and had the best time and well, that's all that matters!

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the rodriguez crew said...

ummm, so I totally probably made you think it was awful! I'm so glad that it wasn't (Jagger didn't move a muscle either, and that's AMAZING) ... and that Cole had a blast! Your pictures are fantastic!