Stockings With Love

I love tradition. I am actually a little obsessed about it...especially this time of year. I am so excited that Cole is getting to the age where new traditions will naturally happen and some from my childhood will be carried on for him. One of those things is our stockings. When I was born my mom handmade my stocking and then made one for my sister, herself and my dad. When I got married she made one for RT and for Jon when he and Kori were married. Now it is Cole's turn to have a hand made stocking and all future grandchildren will get one as well. I LOVE them! I love that when I look at them they bring back so many wonderful memories and how I will always know how much time and effort my mom put in to each and every one.

Here is Cole's stocking under construction. It is going to be sooooo cute when she is finished! {I will post a picture of it when she's done}

I am going to start the same stockings for my family after Christmas and my goal is to have them finished by next year! They take so long to do but I think I can do it. I can't wait to pick them out and start this new Christmas tradition with my family!

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