Is This Tacky Enough for You?

Last Saturday RT and I attended the annual Wright Christmas party and this year you were supposed to wear a tacky Christmas sweater. With the help of my mom and Kori I am pretty sure we were the tackiest couple there because a lot of people that came were Scrooges and didn't wear a tacky sweater and well just look at my husband:

The fabulous sweater he is wearing is my moms and I am wearing a sweater from my aunt! I think both sweaters very tacky but used to be totally cool in the late 80's early 90's.

Our wonderful hostess, Jeff and Jessica!

We always have such a great time at their parties and look forward to hanging out with friends we don't see very often because of every one's busy schedules and the food is always yummy! I love this time of year!


Gentry said...

haha! oh my, I didn't ever think I would see RT wear something like that!

RL said...

oh my gosh. those sweaters are amazing. i LOVE that you got RT to wear your mom's sweater!!!

the rodriguez crew said...

RT's sweater is fan-freaking-tastic!! oh me. We JUST got invited to one on the 20th, and the ideas are already swirling. I need to raid my mom's closet. these are AWESOME!!