Vocabulary Words Part I

Cole has started talking! It started on Sunday with him saying his name and now he is on a roll. He has said a few words in the past but only on his own terms. Now if we ask him to say something he will say it or at least try to. We are ecstatic! So here is a list of all the new words he has said in the last 4 days:

1) Mom
2) Dad
3) Cole
4) Bee-ya = Bee {and now all insects are Bee-yas}
5) Daw = Dog
6) Pee = Pete {from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}
7) Stuck
8) Wey = Wet
9) Kor = Kori
10) Sana = Santa
11) all gone
12) ee en = The End
13) Duck
14) Bloon = Balloon
15) Wha? = What?
16) Thomas
17) Shrek
18) I dunno = I don't know
19) mmm...good
20) Okay {he often says this "okay, okay, okay!"
21) Whoa = Hello
22) Moo = Moon
23) Duh-Tuh = Dump Truck
24) Goo = Goofy

That's like 24 words in 4 days! My prayers have been answered and my Christmas wish has already come true!

Here are the few words Cole was saying before:
Ba = Ball
Boo = Blue
Wha dis? = What's this?
Where go? = Where did he/she/it go?
Mo = More
Du = Done
Don = Donald Duck
Ha = Hot

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the rodriguez crew said...

Lyric, I keep meaning to leave you a comment here, b/c I KNOW what a relief this must be to hear him busting out with these words! YAY COLE!! He's had those words swirling around in that little toddler head for all of this time, it must be so hard to be that little and have so much to say, but not know how to say it. I can see Jagger's little mind working so hard sometimes, and I feel bad for him!! Such great news!! you're going to have a ball listening to it all flow now... you'll have to post tidbits of convos, b/c they get FUNNY. :)