Visiting "Sana"

Cole visited "Sana" yesterday and it went better than I expected. Last year was rough and because Cole is so shy and afraid of strangers I thought this year would be rough too. We have been talking about Sana A LOT and reading about him in our books. He gets excited when he sees Sana on TV but seeing him in person is a whole different story. We talked about how nice Sana is all the way there but my gut was telling me this wasn't going to be fun. I kept asking Cole if he wanted to see and talk to Sana and he kept saying "No". Well, we walked in and he immediately wanted me to pick him up. Then we stood there and watched the kids in front of us sit on Sana's lap and I kept saying, "See...he's so nice!". When it was our turn we walked up to Sana and Cole gave him a high-five and a pound and then I put him on Sana's lap. He didn't freak out and scream and cry so that was awesome but he still didn't like him that much. He had a panicked look on his face the whole time and wanted off Sana's lap ASAP! Still...No crying! I was so proud! He did so much better than I thought he would! This kid surprises me every single day!
Santa 12.9.09
Because I love a good comparison shot here is Cole with Santa in 2007 and 2008:

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the rodriguez crew said...

love comparison pics!! these are so fun to see! cole looks so darn dapper all the time, and even with his panicked get me off of his lap NOW look, it's an adorable memory! I actually LOVE the screaming pics, and Jagger's was awesome last year. I'm hoping I can get a good red-faced one again this year... haha!