Not Exactly What I Envisioned

Since we were "snowed in" yesterday {I was doing house work, laundry and cooking dinner for a friend who just had a baby} Cole was getting a little restless so I thought we would do a snow craft. I pulled out my Toddler Busy Book for ideas and decided on doily snow flakes, but when I was collecting my supplies I realized I didn't have any white paint. I was looking at these doilies trying to think of something else we could do with them and thought if we painted the edges green it would make a Christmas wreath so that is what we {I}did instead.....but, Cole decided he'd rather just paint instead.

This is my version of the doily wreath.
And this is Cole's version. He let me help him originally with the wreath part but once it was time to put the berries on he went to town. I still love it and it is hanging on my fridge and I will keep it forever!

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