Let it SNOW

This morning I was awakened by a phone call from my mom telling me it was snowing and to get Cole up right away so he could see it. I jumped out of bed, put shoes and my robe on {I was styling} and got Cole up and put his coat on so we could play in the snow. It isn't every day that is snows in Dallas! It was snowing pretty hard when we went outside and it had covered the roof tops and the grass pretty well. It wasn't enough to really play in but it looked so pretty! Cole wasn't too sure about what it was...he just kept saying it was "wet" and didn't want to walk on it at first. While we were in the backyard the snow turned to rain and it immediately began melting the snow....I wish it would have stayed around longer but I will take what I get. Who knows, maybe we will have a white Christmas this year!

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