These are a Few of My New Favorite Things

Friday we spent the day decking our halls. RT got all the Christmas decor out of the attic and I worked on the inside of the house while he worked on the outside. We had Christmas music blaring and Cole was loving all the lights. I have picked up and was given a few new Christmas decor items and I thought I would post them so 20 years from now I will remember when I got them {in case anyone ever asks}, So here they are in no particular order:

Elf on the Shelf. I heard about this last year and knew Cole was too little then so I made sure I got one this year {my mom gave it to Cole for his birthday}. It is so cute! There is a precious book that goes with him and the interactive website is awesome! Basically this elf watches you and reports back to Santa every night and lets him know if you have been naughty or nice and then comes back and watches you from a different spot every morning until Christmas.
Cole made this hand print ornament at his NanaNett and Pop Pop's house while RT and I were out. I LOVE IT and immediately put it on our tree!
I am super excited about this chalkboard wish list. I plan on setting it on this little table with cookies and Milk for Santa on Christmas eve!
I was OBSESSED with this Advent calendar last year and I am so thankful my mother-in-law bought it for Cole this year. I didn't get a chance to have his name monogrammed on the bottom but will get it done before I pack it up for next year. I can't wait to fill all the pockets with Christmas sussies for Cole each day!

My sister bought this "M" ornament for me and gave it to me the other night. LOVE IT!
I got this right after Christmas last year and I think it is so cute! I plan on eventually having Cole write a thank you letter to Santa and put it in this so Santa can get it when he comes on Christmas Eve.

My mom gave me these new ornaments for Cole and I put them on his playroom Christmas tree! Aren't they so cute!

{Front} {Back}

And lastly Kori also gave me this sweet ornament that I will treasure forever!
And there you have it....a few of my new favorite things!

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