Halloween 2009

So Halloween 2009 was kind of a bust. My friend Sarah came in town to visit which was AWESOME but Cole, our little referee for the day, was on his 3rd straight day of no nap {because he just didn't want to sleep...ahhh} and I am pretty sure it caught up with him as he was literally falling asleep while I put his shoes on so we could go trick-or-treating at the church. Needless to say he was ticked when we woke him up so he could see all the festivities and his friends in their costumes. For half an hour he just whined and clung to our legs until his aunt Kori gave him a Twix. This kid loves him some Twix so he started to perk up a little. Then he had a snack and something to drink and we were getting a little closer to a happy camper. He wanted nothing to do with the games or getting candy but he did spot the little train and thought a ride wouldn't be too bad. And.....that's it. He wouldn't throw his flag, blow his whistle or wear his hat. He ate one Twix and rode the train once and that is how Halloween 2009 went down. Awesome. We did end the evening with dinner at Uncle Julio's with the whole fam and he did pretty good during dinner so that was a plus. I will say our little referee was absolutely precious and was a huge hit even with his foul mood! I cannot get enough of those pants! Don't worry, they are a youth XS and FIT! I just had to get them shortened...chunky monkey!

I had his pictures taken in his Halloween costume because I thought they would look cute in his sports themed room. Here is how they turned out:


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RL said...

well, haylee wouldn't even wear her fairy princess costume last year when she was cole's age, so at least you had that going for you. (: