My Blog Book is Here! My Blog Book is Here!

I am so excited that my blog book is finally finished and here! I finished it last week and it arrived on my door step on Thursday while we were at the fair! I couldn't wait to get home and see it! It took me so long to get it just how I wanted it because I did not start my blog until Cole was about 6 months old so I had to add the first 6 months of his life to the front of it. It took forever but I finally finished! I am going to start his second year this week and hope to be finished with it by the end of year! I would actually be caught up if that happened! Now if I could just get his baby book finished I would be in business.
Front cover: This is my favorite newborn picture.
This is the middle of his 186 page book about his first year of life!
Back cover: This is my favorite picture from his 1 year photo shoot.


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

Lyric! What an amazing book. What website did you do this book? I have planned on doing the same for Mia's 1st year - I'm planning on using blogs2print.sharedbook.com. Your book turned out perfect and I know he'll love looking back on all these wonderful times and moments with his mommy!

the rodriguez crew said...

ok i am FLIPPING over this! i'm SO excited to finally see someone's finished!! tell us, is it awesome? how's the quality? anything we should know as we're making ours, like i've been so worried about font sizes... and what is the smallest we should use. the pictures you used on the front and back covers are CRAZY cool!!!

Lyric said...

Wow! I am so glad everyone loved the book and you have only seen the front and back! Ha! Ashley, I used blurb.com. You can pick the start and end dates you want to use on your blog and then it will transfer everything for you. You still have to do the layout but all your pics and text are there! Paige, I am in love with this book and will continue to do one every year! I used font sizes 9 for the captions, 14 for titles and 12 for the body and they came out great. I will say that the quality of your photos gets lost a little going from camera to blog to book so when one of those warnings came up on a picture I would just download the same picture straight from my computer and replace the one that came from my blog {does that make sense?} Also on a few pages I used some of the smaller boxes for the pictures and wish I had chosen larger ones. Other than that the quality is amazing and I couldn't be happier! I will let you know when my second one is finished! Happy book making!

miles3_17 said...

In LOVE with this book. I've done mine with Shutterfly over the years, but I love that you can just post all your blogs, which is our kind-of-diary. Thanks for including(below) where you did it and the details. I can't wait to do it for his 2-3 yr. book. Love Cole's picts!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

wow! i just love the look of this book!!!

btw, i stumbled here looking for ornaments for my kids...really don't even know how that happened! but i'm glad i did --- i'll have to check out blurb.com!

the rodriguez crew said...

Lyric, I just rememembered to come back and check this for your response! This really is helpful, I'm going to go make sure my font sizes are similar to yours. Also, I used a LOT of those little boxes for pictures on my pages (the ones where there are like 9 small square pictures? oh ya, i used those. Oof!). I'll have to go back and see if I can spread them into 2 pages with a little bit bigger boxes. Thanks for the feedback, I am super excited to get going again. I need to order by 11.24 to get 20% off! Pressure is ON. :)