State Fair of Texas

On Thursday my whole family {me, RT, Cole, mom, dad, Kori, Jon, my mother-in-law and father-in-law} went to the State Fair! We had so much fun eating and playing our way through the fair! Get ready 'cause this is gonna be a long post!
First stop, Big Tex and Fletcher's Corny Dogs! Cole was mesmerized by Big Tex and wasn't a huge fan of the corny dogs {whose child is this?!?!}
Next up was the car show. We saw this giant truck outside the entrance and just had to have Cole's picture taken on the wheel that was twice his size! Then inside he got to drive Bumblebee! I love the car show! I love seeing all the latest and greatest cars, trucks and SUV's!

We headed outside and RT enjoyed him some chocolate covered strawberries on a stick while Cole decided he would rather push than ride!

As we were slowly making our way to the Midway we saw this photo-op and couldn't resist!
Cole was able to see the most precious bunnies and puppies. I wanted to take them all home!

After we awwwwed over the bunnies and puppies, we headed across the street to see the horses. They were so pretty and Cole L.O.V.E.D them!!! We found out they are all police horses and were able to watch them get brushed and exercised! I think Cole would have stayed here all day.
We finally made it the the Midway and Cole fell asleep just in time for all the fun and games {super}. My parents, Kori and Jon went through a fun house and then we won Cole 2 basketballs {like he needs more of those} and a Mavs bear while he slept. After we ate a little more we thought it was time to rest our feet while we waited for Cole to wake up. We watched insane people sky-coast and ride the death spin thing {definitely NOT for me}.

Cole finally woke up and we headed to the kiddie rides. First stop was the train. He is never too sure about these things but rode with his daddy anyway. You wouldn't know it by the look on his face but he really did like it!
When we got off of the train we turned around to see what was next and my mother-in-law spotted the most perfect game for Cole! All he had to do was make one basket and he would win a toy! We walked up to the counter and gave the lady our tickets and she set Cole up to shoot in the little, short basket. Of course he made it and he won a UT bear. Then I asked if he could shoot in the big, tall hoop and she kind of looked at me like I was crazy. I assured her he could do it and sure enough he made several baskets and won himself a cool camo hummer! The lady working the booth couldn't believe it! After he collected his winnings he was ready for a quick snack and some fresh squeezed lemonade before we picked our next ride. So proud!

Cole then rode the hot air balloons with his Mimi K and NanaNett. He was a little uneasy and I think he was glad when it was over but both grandma's had a great time!
My parents have spent many Texas vs. OU game days at this stadium so I had to include a picture!
Daddy winning Cole one more ball before it was time to leave.
Saying goodbye to Big Tex and watching the trains run around his big red boots with daddy, Gramps and Pop Pop!
The loot. Can you believe this?!?! 2 basketballs, 2 teddy bears, a car and 2 GIANT bouncy balls!
I have to say I look forward to the fair every year now that we have Cole. It is so much more fun when there is a little man in your life! Thank you to both families for such a fun day and for spoiling Cole rotten! We had a blast!

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