UT vs.OU

Yesterday we surprised my parents by attending their UT vs. OU party at the lake. We went last year and had a lot of fun so we decided to attend again this year. My parents were surprised and so were their boat friends. There was A LOT of yummy food, decorations and yelling at the TV. Cole had fun being outside {even if it was a little chilly and he has a cold now}, feeding the catfish and playing with his trains and planes. The best part was TEXAS won {sorry mom} and my dad and Dave were happy campers for the rest of the afternoon!

Aren't my parents cute?!?!

Cole playing with his trains and planes.

Cole upset that the Horns weren't playing very well.

Cole thinking it was so cool the fish were eating his bread!

Most of the gang watching Cole feed the fish off Dave and Lana's slip.

Cole sporting his UT tat.

Cole and Gramps watching his balloon float out to sea.

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