Last Practice and Soccer Party!

Monday was our last day of Soccer Tots. We had so much fun playing soccer with the 4 other mommy's and their little men! Cole learned so much during the 9 classes and I could tell a HUGE difference in how well he listened and followed directions from the first class to the last. We were blessed with Coach T. He was such a patient coach and really took the time to make sure everyone was learning but having a great time as well. During the 9 weeks Cole learned how to stretch, rock 'n roll, kick goals, walk backwards, kick cones over and put them right side up using only his feet, follow directions, wait his turn and jump. He learned about team work by playing with the parachutes and improved his coordination with lots of drills and obstacle courses. The list goes on and on but most importantly he learned new things, made new friends and had a blast!

This is our attempt at a team photo. It makes me giggle!

{From left to right: Cruse, Cole, Quinn, Tripp and Porter}

After class we threw the boys a little soccer party complete with balloons, a soccer goody bag, trophy and yummy cookies {one was a soccer ball and the other had their name on it}. The boys were so excited and had so much fun! They were also wearing their cool new team shirt that Quinn's daddy designed and made for us! So fun!

Brittney and Quinn gave all the mommies this cute fridge frame because it is official...I AM a SOCCER MOM!

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