On Sunday RT and I were able to go to the Cowboy game with my parents! I was excited to see the new stadium and it did not disappoint! We dropped Cole off at my in-laws and headed to "Jerry World". From the moment you walk in you can't stop looking around and seeing how crazy this place really is. My mom and I describe it as part mall, part movie theatre, part club/bar and the field makes it part football stadium. It is outrageous! My pictures do not do it justice so I hope you have an opportunity to see it for yourself. We had AWESOME seats and the Cowboys WON! It was a great game which made the whole experience even better!

All the lights and fixtures look like footballs, 2 margaritas and 2 beers were $47, and even the Ketchup and faux wood plates were fancy.

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RL said...

holy cow - y'all must have had awesome seats. those pics look so close! glad you guys had fun!