Feeling Nostalgic

Soccer Tots made me a little nostalgic. Why you ask? Because the building where Cole took his first soccer lessons used to be a Kmart. The Kmart that my friend Robin and I used to ride our bikes to to take our picture in the photo booth with the nasty powder blue curtain as a back drop and where we bought who knows what {probably Lee Press On Nails, food and make-up} when we were about 9 years old. The building is located on the edge of the neighborhood where I lived {from birth to 11 years old} and Robin lived just a few streets away. Kori and I would ride our bikes there in the summer to buy lemonade for our lemonade stands. Such fun childhood memories! So that got me thinking...I know I didn't carry a camera around with me every where I went then like I do now. I know I definitely do not have a digital copy of the houses I grew up in or of the schools I attended. So, since I was in the neighborhood I decided to take pictures of the two houses I grew up in and all the schools I attended. This was the very first house I lived in. 2529 Ellis Court. I spent my first 11 years of life in this house and I still remember exactly what it looked like inside and exactly where everything was in this house when I lived there. I have so many fond memories of this house. If I find pictures of the inside I will post them. The decorating will make you laugh but it was totally in style back in the 80's. This is where I went to Elementary school, kindergarten through fifth grade. We were the Saigling Stallions and our colors were blue and gold. I met some of my best friends here and I am still friends with them today! This school was in my neighborhood and with in walking distance from my house but my mom usually drove us to school for two reasons...1) because we were usually running late and 2) I didn't want my hair to get messed up! Ha! I also remember on spirit day we would totally wear jean skirts with our school t-shirt and alternating blue and gold scrunched socks with either white Keds or Reebok high tops. Hilarious!!!Next up was middle school, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. We were the Haggard Eagles and our colors were blue and red. I HATED middle school and have absolutely NO fond memories of this place. I actually don't remember much about middle school. I think I blocked most of it out! Sad!This is the second and last place I lived before being out on my own. 4401 Longfellow Drive. We moved into this house 1/2 way through the 6th grade. I loved this house and have really great memories from it. I lived here for a while after I graduated from TECH before RT and I were married. This house always felt like home no matter how long you had been away at camp or college, it always felt warm and welcoming when you came back. My parents moved to Prosper a year after I was married. I was sad to see this house empty but knew it was time for a new chapter in my parents life!Next up was Vines High School home of the Vines Vikings. Our colors were purple and white and grade 9-10. I was so glad to be out of middle school and had the best time here! I was on the drill team, the Vines Vikettes, and had the time of my life! I L.O.V.E.D 10th grade. {I really wish I had more pictures of all of this...maybe I will raid my parents and scan some and re-post this later with some hilarious pictures from the 80's and 90's!}

And finally, Plano Senior High School home of the maroon and white Wildcats! I know this is not a very good picture but my school was like a mini college campus. It consisted of 5 different buildings and seemed so huge back then. The senior high was for 11th and 12th graders only but had over 3,000 students. My 1998 graduating class was the largest graduating class in the state of Texas with over 1500 graduates. The Governor at the time, George W. Bush, spoke at our graduation. I remember thinking we were so old and mature and knew all there was to know. Boy was I wrong! It was a super fun time in my life and I hope I never forget any of it!

So there you go...I little tour of my past stomping grounds. And to think all this reminiscing started because I took my son to his first soccer lesson...how time flies and how old do I feel now?!?!


Jessica said...

Looking at those pictures made me very nostalgic. Being at those same schools (except I went to Davis instead of Saigling)seems like a distance memory.

Can't wait to see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That brought back memories! What fun (and dorky) times we had growing up!


amy said...

If we're still living in this house when Noah starts Kindergarten than he'll be a Saigling Stallion!!!

Dusty said...

You wouldn't happen to have any pics of you in your vikette jacket would you?