Kaufman Family Pumpkin Carving "Contest"

We went to my parents yesterday for our weekly Sunday family time and we carved pumpkins! We had so much fun coming up with our designs {that are always top secret} and reveling our creations. I was a little ambitious with what I thought our design should be and RT did a wonderful job drawing it out and carving while I tending to my super cranky and sacred of the pumpkins child. Yes...he was scared of the pumpkins while everyone was cleaning them out. He was crying hysterically and finally calmed down enough to put the lid on the pumpkin but that was the extent of his participation.
I think all three pumpkins turned out super cute! Cole did like looking at them when they were lit up and he thought they were all pretty cool!

Kori and Jon did Frankenstein, My parents did their names and we did Mickey Mouse in honor of Cole!
I also have to mention that Kori made the most delicious pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing! They were AWESOME!


the rodriguez crew said...

ok i'm commenting like crazy today i know, but i'm thinking this is the cutest tradtion and yall did crazy good jobs with your designs. isn't it hilarious what they become scared of at this age? jagger is totally terrified of mostly everything right now, and i'm not sure HOW we will get him in a costume. ha!

LOVED your 23 month post below too... i absolutely love reading those, and seriously cole and jagger are EXACTLY alike at this stage. so much fun!

Kori said...

We named our pumpkin Herman...he's a great new addition to our fireplace decor!