Cole's New BIG Boy Room

About a month ago RT and I decided to put Cole in his big boy bed. Bedtime has always been a battle so we thought moving him out of his crib and into a new bed would help. And it has! We tell him it is bedtime and he kisses one of us goodnight while the other one takes him to his room and reads his stories. He doesn't put up a fight anymore! So, because we were putting him in a big boy bed I decided he needed a sports themed room. It fits his personality and interests so much better than his surfing nursery. So the make-over began. Luckily it was just bedding and accessories that needed the make-over. We bought a convertible crib so the double sized bed you see in the pictures is actually his crib with our guest bed mattress. Let me show you around his room a little and I will explain the details as we go!
This is the view of his room from his doorway. Is it not amazing that this is his crib?!?!
This dresser used to be his changing table. I put a changing pad on top of it and had a basket full of all his baby necessities. Now it has pictures of him in his daddy's college soccer jersey, his monitor, a fan, a vintage soccer ball Kori brought back from her semester in London for RT and a bowling pin I bought in Canton for $5.
This is the wall you see when you walk in the door. I had the Pottery Barn chalkboard in my kitchen at our old house. It had a black board so I decided to paint it with green chalk paint, add the yard lines and end zones to make it a football field so later on when he is older he can make his own plays on it. The MuirField sign was RT's. It is perfect because it has our last name on it {obviously} and it is the actual name of a real golf course. I covered the "C" in some of RT's baseball cards and bought the number "9" online because it is the date Cole was born and it has been RT's soccer number his whole life! The little cork board has RT's pin collection from all his soccer tournaments growing up. And finally, I have framed an article that was written about him during high school for an awesome game he had {I had 3 to choose from, the one I chose, his article about him signing with Trinity or the article where he was named 1st Team All-State...I know, I am bragging on him a little}.
I bought these lockers in Canton. If you saw my Canton post you might remember them being blue and purple. Well we fixed them up and painted them red and now they are so stinking cute in his room! Hanging on the side are RT's soccer metals.
Sitting on top of the lockers is my dad's high school baseball bag, Kori's softball glove and a baseball I had my dad autograph that I found in his bag that I am pretty sure has been in there since the 70's.
I bought this basketball goal from Pottery Barn and to say Cole loves it is an understatement! I hung it over his hamper so I am sure one day he will shoot his dirty clothes in the hoop and into the hamper.

And finally a straight shot of his bed. RT did an amazing job of hanging his baseball bats on the wall!

Well, I hope you like it! I think it turned out pretty cute and I am sure we will add Cole's very own trophies and metals and articles some day!


the rodriguez crew said...

are you kidding me with this! there is so much cute stuff in there I can't pick a favorite part! I think the fact that you have incorporated all of the family's need little sports keepsakes (SERIOUSLY with your dad's bag and that ball!) is TOO cool. you are so clever!! and the football plays chalkboard?!?!? oh my word. you did a GREAT job!

it's kind of random and funny but today i was at old navy picking up a few long sleeved shirts for Jagger (it's about to get cool this wknd FINALLY), and I thought of Cole! ha! they have THE cutest little football tshirts (I got Jagger the Steelers and Giants ones), and as much as he loves sports he should have them too. :)

great job!

miles3_17 said...

I love the new big boy room. I'm still working on Kaden's but it's definately not as cute. Great job, and great ideas. Tell your parents hi for me, cute pumpkins as well. Take care and keep in touch!

Jessica said...

Cole's room looks great! Hope to see y'all soon.

Kori said...

Where did you steal my softball glove from?!?! I guess I haven't used it in roughly 13 years, so Cole can have it! Ha! I LOVE his room! You're such a fabulous mom to make it so special for him. Love you