23 Months...WOW!

I can't believe that in one short month my baby boy will be TWO Years Old! How did this happen?!?! I will write my last "monthly post" and he will officially not be a baby any more {unofficially he will always be my baby and I will probably call him that for the rest of his life}. All right, before I burst into tears I will update you on what Cole has been up to this month.

Instead of using pictures I made him pose for, I thought I would post pictures of a moment I caught that I think is so sweet where he is surrounded by things he loves and watching his favorite show.

Cole LOVES his Tags {see this post}. He has them wherever he goes. He has become super attached to Tags over the last few months.

He loves to watch his shows {Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas and most recently Jungle Junction} on a pallet I lay out for him everyday in my bedroom. He takes his naps on that pallet, he watches TV on that pallet and RT and Cole wrestle on that pallet. He LOVES it!

He has a new found love for Thomas. He plays with 4 trains he has from the show ALL the time {rumor has it that Santa is bringing Cole a train table this year so we will probably add to his train collection this Christmas}. In the picture he is holding his Thomas bath toys.

I LOVE his hair! It grows soooo fast, it's really thick but it hasn't completely filled in yet. it NEVER lays down. It sticks up all the time. I put gel in it to try and tame it but it is always spiked up some way because there is no use in trying to fix it any other way. I love it and hope it never changes!

We are still working on our vocabulary. He still does not say many words but we think we are getting closer everyday. His favorite word is "No" and he says it a million times a day. Another consistent word is "more" and he has most recently said "gone". We'll get there eventually...I have faith.

Even though he doesn't say much he is very smart. We ask him to identify things all the time and he almost always gets them right. He knows his shapes, animals, the letter C, objects, trucks, planes, cars etc...He understands everything we say and tell him and does the things we ask him to do.

He also has big love for big trucks, airplanes and buses. He loves spotting them on the road when we are out running errands and when he hears a plane he always points it out. We are lucky because a school bus picks up and drops kids off everyday right across the street so he can see it from our office window and loves it.

He is falling more in love with puppies. He has always loved them but he goes crazy when he sees one on TV or out walking in the neighborhood. He even spotted one last night in the car next to us and thought it was so funny!

He has been sleeping in his big boy bed for 3 weeks now and has done so well. I was prepared for the worst but we have had zero problems. He thinks his bed is so cool and wants to play on it all the time. I love climbing in bed with him at night to read his stories and sing him to sleep.

He is becoming more and more independent which makes for some frustrating days around here:-)

He is still a pretty picky eater. He still only likes carbs and sweets {hmmm, I wonder where he got that} and some fruits. Funny story...he loves M&M's. He would eat them all the time if I let him. Well, I have a little gum ball machine that I put Skittles in and he wanted some. I got some out for him and he put one in his mouth thinking it was an M&M and was shocked to taste lime! He immediately spit it out and WILL NOT touch a Skittle OR a M&M anymore! That is what he does. If he has a bad experience he will not try it again or if a food that he loves looks the slightest bit different then usual he will not eat it. He is missing out on so much good stuff!

He loves playing soccer! He has so much fun every Monday at Soccer Tots with his little buddies. He is by far the youngest little guy but he holds his own. I love watching him run and seeing his chubby little checks jiggle while he is concentrating so hard on what he is supposed to be doing. I am so proud of him and have seen a big change in him over the last few weeks. My little athlete!

What else can I say about this little love?!?! He so amazing and wonderful and melts my heart every day. He loves to snuggle, give hugs and kisses and is so funny. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful son and can't imagine my life with out him. He lights it up!

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