While getting pictures off my iPhone from the park yesterday I came across pictures I had forgotten about and thought I would share.
This picture was taken in July. Cole sweats A LOT and my mom came across this sweatband one day and had to get it for him. He wouldn't keep it on for very long but we were cracking up so hard!This was taken in August during one of our grocery trips to Target. I wish you could hear him grunting while he tried to push the huge grocery cart!
This was taken yesterday afternoon when Cole and I walked to the park and played for a while. We wanted to enjoy the most AMAZING weather! I LOVE IT! I do realize he has two different shoes on but when I asked him to go to his closet and bring me his shoes this is what he came back with so I let him wear them!
To see the most adorable post about Cole and his buddy Uncle Jon please click here to check out my sister's blog for the post! Melt my heart!


the rodriguez crew said...

the fact that he brought you those shoes, and you let him wear them is pure greatness! i'm going to have jagger start bringing me shoes, and hope that he picks 2 different ones. i LOVE IT!

miles3_17 said...

So cute, love it when they start picking out their own stuff, kinda funny. Now when I pick Kaden up from daycare, he wants to go home and put his "play" clothes on, like we do after church, funny kid.
Cute cake balls, never seen that before, email me and let me know how you do that, fun activity.
Also, hope your mom is doing better, please tell her hello and that we have been thinking of her since I read about her surgery.
Hope everything else is going good. Take care. (oh and yeah I remember the sunsets/sunrises in West Texas, awesome pict.)