A Baseball Weekend

We watched a lot of baseball this weekend. Friday night RT and I sent Cole to my in-laws for the evening and took our friends Jeff and Jessica to the Ranger game. We had tried going to a game with them all summer but our schedules were always conflicting which was a blessing because it could not have been a more perfect night for baseball. The weather was absolutely perfect! Had we gone any of the other times we tried we would have probably had a heat stroke. We had so much fun watching the game, people watching and eating! It was a great evening!
On Saturday my dad called and wanted to know if we wanted to go to the game with him and my mom and bring Cole with us. I had known my parents were going to the game for a while because my dad {along with several other people} was being honored before the game for being a season ticket holder for 25 years! Isn't that amazing! We were so excited take Cole to his very first Ranger game and to see my dad recognized! Right before the game he got to go out on the field with the other honorees and he was able to take Cole with him!! How cool is it that not only was it Cole's first game but he got to walk on the field too! Lucky dog! They announced each persons name to the crowd and received a really cool certificate signed by Nolan Ryan. Some old players came around and shook their hands before they were escorted off the field. Very cool!

Congratulations to my dad and thank you for a super fun night at the ballpark!


RL said...
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RL said...

how cool is that. what a fun experience for cole and go mr. k. on 25 years. impressive!