Thanks Gramps & GO Cowboys!

Last night RT, Cole and I headed up to my dad's office so RT could do some work for him and while we were there my dad gave Cole the coolest toy concrete truck! Lately, while in the car, Cole will point and get really excited when he sees 18-wheelers, dump trucks, concrete trucks, etc. We live by a lot of construction so he gets to see these trucks A LOT! When my dad gave Cole the concrete truck he was so excited! He played with it the rest of the time we were there, held it in his lap the whole car ride home and played with it the rest of the evening! It was also the first thing he played with when he woke up this morning. I think it is safe to say he likes it!

The Cowboys were on Monday Night Football so yesterday when we got home from soccer practice Cole put his new Cowboy jersey on that his daddy bought him and wore it proudly the rest of the day! Good thing the Cowboys won last night!


Thank you Daddy and Gramps for all my cool sussies!

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