Our Wedding Weekend

Our weekend began with me getting a way over due haircut and then we met our friends in town from Alabama for drinks downtown. Then it was dinner and bed early because Cole was coming down with a little cold. Saturday we woke up and Cole seemed to be feeling better so we packed him up and took him to my parents so he could spend the day and night with them at the lake. RT and I got ready and then met our friends, Jeff and Jessica, so we could ride to the wedding together. The ceremony was beautiful! The bride and groom met playing tennis and the groom is the current head coach for boys basketball at Jesuit here in Dallas so there was an athletic theme throughout the wedding. The Groom, groomsmen and ushers all wore black Chucks with their tuxes and Amy changed into pink Chucks for the reception {so fun that they incorporated their interests into every aspect of the wedding}. The reception was at the recently renovated Westin at the Galleria. They had cocktail time before a sit down dinner while we watched the wedding party announced with their "stats" like you would hear basketball players announced before a game with "Y'all Ready for This" playing in the background. And then the bride and groom started out with a sweet first dance but then quickly busted a choreographed move to an amazing party mix {if it shows up on YouTube I will link you too it} and received a standing ovation for it! The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, basketball maracas, great music from the band, drinks, friends and lots of fun! After the reception it was down to the 2nd floor bar and then bed at 3:30!!!! I haven't seen 3:30am since I was still feeding Cole at that time at least a year ago! Needless to say RT and I had to recover and catch up on our sleep on Sunday. Poor RT had a 9:00 pm flight to Phoenix Sunday night and won't be back until Friday night! He is definitely tired!
Here are some of the highlights from the wedding:
Sitting at our table was Three Star General Pillsbury and his wife Becky {parents of our friends below and who treats us like we are one of their children}
Pills {aka Michael} and Amanda Pillsbury
Our friends Chief {aka Chris} and Kat
Jeff and Jessica
Silly Boys
Mr and Mrs Chris Hill
Sugar {aka Chris} and Arty
While we were getting ready for and at the wedding, this is what Cole was up to:

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RL said...

what a fun night! i don't know that i've seen 3:30 am in years...ha ha. oh, and super cute dress. you looked great! :)