Dallas Children's Museum

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Children's Museum with M.A.C and had so much fun! We started the day off by meeting a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at 9:00 so we could eat breakfast and caravan down to Fairpark. When we got to the museum we bought our tickets and headed to the exhibits. Cole was so over whelmed but had a really great time! We started off upstairs where the stuff was way over their heads. It was all about science and way too advanced for them but all the kids loved running around and looking at everything. Then we went downstairs where everything was more at their level. They had sand pits a fire station, a construction site, water activities a farm and all sorts of things I probably missed. I will say it was super crowded so I might take Cole back when school starts and hopefully it will be less crowded and there won't be a school field trip that day! Here are some pics from the day. They're not that great because he was so busy and I was trying not to loose him!

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Jessica said...

Loving the picture of Cole looking up the HUGE nose. Looking forward to Saturday night!!!!!