21 Months

I am not going to start one of Cole's last monthly up-dates by saying I can't believe he is already 21 months old or time is flying by WAY to fast or where has my little baby gone. Nope I am not going to say it. Instead I am going to dive right into what he has been up to lately.
His vocabulary is getting a little better. Here is what he says:

Gow {said like cow but with a G} = Go: He says this when he wants you to go somewhere or get out of his way and is usually accompanied with a push to the back of your leg.

Dough = No: He says this when he doesn't want what you are giving him or doesn't want to do something. It is usually said with squinted eyes and a turned head.

Ummmm = Ummmm: If you ask him a question this is his reply.

Dye-dye = Bye-bye: What he says when someone is leaving or when one of his shows is over and is usually accompanied with a wave.

Other things Cole has started doing are:

If you ask him What do you hear? or say Listen he will put his hand behind his ear and get really still and quiet so he can hear the noise.

He has also started going from sitting to standing by getting up with no hands. He is very proud of the fact that he can do this.

One thing I am definitely NOT HAPPY about is he has started doing this eye roll thing. How could he have such an attitude at 21 months! And I am also going to be the mom who gets the notes from school about how my son hits the other kids! AAAHHHH!

Even though I may have my hands full and the attitude is coming on a little strong a little early he is still my little love! He still loves to snuggle and needs me to kiss his boo-boos. He likes to give hugs and kisses and sometimes hold my hand. He is funny and smart and a really good dancer {he has been a dancing machine lately} and I just love him to pieces!!!

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shauna said...

I still just want to eat him up.....the little "toot" sometimes and all!!!!! I LOVE YOU...TTTHHHIISSSS MMMMUUUCCCHHHH, MiMiK