While Daddy was Away....

While daddy was in Phoenix for work Sunday, August 16 thru Friday, August 21 mommy and Cole spent a lot of time at Mimi K and Gramps' house. We didn't do a whole lot while he was gone. Cole had a really bad cold so most days we stayed in our jammies, the exterminator came and we met Mimi K's girlfriends one night for dinner but other then that we were completely unproductive. I have to admit it was kind of nice considering the CRAZY week we had before.

At the beginning of the week Cole found a new obsession.....
He sat in my parents media room for the entire movie and probably watched it at least 10 more times throughout the week!
He also discovered the popcorn bowls from the popcorn machine and played with them for hours! So funny that he sat holding one in each hand for the whole movie!
And, Gramps introduced him to licking the bowl and whisk after we made brownies. He was in heaven!
We are sooooooo glad to have daddy back! Things are just not right when he is away and we missed him so much!

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the rodriguez crew said...

Oh, I will have to rent this movie for Jagger! I'm so tired of Boz and the Bee Movie!! and yep, we started the ol' whisk licking too, and you better believe it never stops now!! YUM! :)

SO cute that Cole says SCORE!!!