Play Date X2

Yesterday was a fun day for Cole and me. Our first stop of the day was to Mrs. Shannon's house so we could catch up and the boys could play. Shannon fixed us lunch and gave me a tour of her amazing new house while Cade, Cruse and Cole played their little hearts out! We had so much fun and will have to have them over to our house soon!

Cole and sweet Cade playing. I didn't get a picture with Cruse because by the time I remembered to get a picture he was already down for a nap. Next time!

Then it was off to my aunt and uncle's house to see Lauren, baby Shae and Jordan. We got caught up on everything that has been going on and got to play with baby Shae. She is so sweet!

Cole's not too sure about her.....

.....he finally warmed up to her and she just kept starring at him the rest of the time we were there. So cute!!!


Thank you Shannon for letting us come over and play! We had such a fun time!

Baby Shae, you are too cute!

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