Plano Heritage Farmstead

This morning Cole and I headed to the Plano Heritage Farmstead to take the "Farmer Duck" tour with some of the moms and kiddos from the mom group at church. {Just a little background info...I visited the Plano Heritage Farmstead on a field trip way back in elementary school. It has been around that long!} It was HOT! The tour started off with story time {they read Farmer Duck} and then it was off to do chores that would have been done on a farm way back in the day when there was no electricity! Cole was not that into it {he hates being hot...just like his mommy} so we left a little early. He did "pick" apples, feed the chickens, and collect firewood. Here are some pics from the farm:

"Picking" apples.

It was a fun tour but I think we will wait and come back when Cole is a little bit older and in the FALL when it's COOL!

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