GO Uncle Jon GO!

Last night we went to watch uncle Jon play softball. We knew Cole would have an absolute blast! He was able to do 3 of his favorite things. 1, hang out with uncle Jon. 2, play outside. 3, throw the ball around with daddy. Cole was in heaven! Here are some of the highlights:

Cole's shoe fell of in the middle of the parking lot so he just sat down to fix it. Daddy had to move him to the curb so we could safely put his shoe back on. {also, this is the only picture I got of him with his hat on...I love Cole in a hat!}
Wishing Jon good luck before the game started.

Running around...chasing the football with daddy.

Cole telling Jon that he is doing an awesome job out there.

Cole made friends with Brianna. Her mom and I are in the same mom group.
We left with a very tired and sweaty little guy. He had the time of his life.

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Jessica said...

It is crazy how grown-up Cole is looking in pictures these days. He needs to stop growing up so fast!!!!