Diaper Bag Evolution

Friday was a sad day for me. For some reason retiring Cole's diaper bag was a hard thing for me to do. To me, it really meant he wasn't a baby anymore. I mean, I know he is a big boy and can do so many "big boy" things now but he still seemed like a baby to me until I put his diaper bag away and gave him his first back pack. Of course he will ALWAYS be my baby boy but I feel like part of that little baby innocence was lost of Friday...too deep...to emotional?? Maybe. So in honor of this big step I thought I would show you the diaper bags I have had for Cole {yes I had more than one....it took me a while to find the RIGHT one ok!}

This Petunia Pickle Bottom bag was Cole's first diaper bag. I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT and then I realized it didn't function the way I needed it to. The flap Velcros. All you moms out there know that with a baby or carrier in one had and you need something out of the bag ripping the flap open is next to impossible. I could never get to what I needed so a couple of months after Cole was born I bought this bag:

I picked this bag out because it was always open and had lots of pockets. The only problem was that it just wasn't quite big enough for all the stuff I wanted to carry. So, after a couple of months I decided to buy this bag:

LOVED. IT. This ended up being the perfect bag for me. It was open on the top, had great pockets, was big enough for all my stuff and didn't have a stitch of Velcro on it. I carried this bag for the next year and couldn't have been happier with it. Now we are down to a little back pack for Cole and it is the perfect size for him.

This holds his diapees and wipees, snacks, sippy cup and a change of clothes and shoes if we need them. PERFECT!

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