19 Wonderful Months

19 months old. WOW! It does not seem like a month could have possibly gone by since I wrote his 18 month old letter but here we are. I have a 19 month old little man! I just cannot believe it! He is such a fun little guy. He is definitely ALL BOY. He still loves to be outside, collect bugs, draw with sidewalk chalk, play in his sandbox, go for walks, ride in his wagon, watch his daddy and uncle Jon play Frisbee, play in the pool {not swim...just play in the fountain}, play ball with daddy and anything else you can do outside...he LOVES it. Here are a few other things he has learned in the last month:

When asked he can identify the following animals: bird, duck, puppy, kitty, giraffe, gecko, koala bear, mouse, turtle, cow, rooster, sheep, frog, pig, bunny and horse.

He can also identify the sun, moon, airplanes, bees and lady bugs.

He has started singing to any song that comes on the radio or TV.

His new obsession is Finding Nemo.

He will make a cow sound if you ask him "What does a cow say?"

He runs. He runs all over the place!

This is not new but he is soooo ticklish!!! His armpits are the best place to get him. There is nothing better than his belly laugh!

He is definitely testing us these days {he had 3 time outs before 2:00 today}. Parenting is so hard!

He has turned into a very picky eater. I swear this kid would live off of bread and cheese if I let him.

He likes Diet Coke {really bad I know....I don't let him have it everyday and he only gets sips of mine} and lemonade. He still loves water and drinks a crazy amount of it everyday.

He taught himself how to blow his nose. The other day he just started holding TP or wipees up to his nose and blowing. It's hilarious!

Cole, you are an absolute joy and I feel like the luckiest mommy alive because you are my son! I can't wait to see what the next month brings. I am sure whatever you accomplish will amaze me. I love you so much it hurts!

I will leave you with a couple random but cute pics from our weekly Sunday dinner at my parents.


Jenny said...

can you tell me where you got the faded looking camo diaper bag? it is super cute!

the rodriguez crew said...

oh how funny, i was going to ask the same thing about the camo bag that you loved so much! i'm SO sick of our diaper bag (and also went thru like 2 or 3 before I figured out what you actually NEED), and as much as I'd love to think we can downsize to a little backpack, i still need the big sucker! but a new one! So jealous that you're organized enough to use the bitty backpack. i'd love to carry my own purse again?! :)

loved the 19 mo. update on Cole... so impressed that he can blow his own nose. i would LOVE if my Jagger could figure that one out! he keeps his mouth open when I say blow, so obviously that's a no go. :) he and jagger are so much the same in what they're doing - i love reading about it all!

i'll check back on your camo bag... :)