Memorial Weekend 2009

What a wonderfully relaxing and family oriented weekend we had. I love weekends when we don't have anything planned but we stay busy just hanging out and being with our family and friends! Here is our weekend in review:

Friday: Daddy came home from work early and we made dinner and then planted new flowers in our flowers beds in the front yard.
L-O-V-I-N-G being sprayed with the hose by daddy!
Can you tell how dirty this guy is in the picture? {What you can't see is the mud on his feet and legs and his wet shorts and shirt and sweaty head!}
Saturday: We cleaned house and played and napped before our friends Jeff and Jessica came over for dinner. Jessica is so sweet and brought Cole a HUGE set of sidewalk chalk {which he LOVED by the way} so while Jessica and I worked in the kitchen, Cole and the boys hung out outside and played. After dinner Jessica and Cole tried out his new sidewalk chalk and then it was bath time for a very sweaty little guy. Before Jeff and Jessica left Cole introduced them to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse {I'm sure they were thrilled, but humored him by watching an entire episode!}
Cole decided to use his hiney as an eraser!!
Sunday: We did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We played with Cole, watched TV, napped....it was heaven! We did venture out for dinner at Scotty P's and then next door to Old Navy so technically we DID do something but it definitely wasn't much!
Yes...he is still in his jammies!
This was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! Cole could not figure out what the deal was with the manikins at Old Navy! He kept looking at them and wondering why they weren't moving! RT and I were cracking up!
Monday: We headed over to my sister-in-law and new brother-in-laws' house for lunch. It was their first time hosting us since they were married a little over a week ago. Cole had fun running around the backyard with Dee and Brandon's dogs. He threw the ball for them to chase about a million times while we were there.After lunch we headed over to my parents house for some fun in the sun by the pool. Cole wasn't really digging the pool {I think the water was still a little too cold for him} but he loved watching Uncle Jon and daddy play Frisbee. Then Gramps tried to teach him how to hit golf balls with Cole's new golf set but he mostly wanted to put the flags in his mouth and chew on them! We had a wonderful meal and homemade ice cream! Nothing says summer like homemade ice cream! Needless to say Cole crashed on the way home and mommy and daddy were exhausted too!

I couldn't resist!

I feel like it is officially SUMMER at our house!!!!

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