Meet Meredith Hope Mendez!

May 21, 2009
6 pounds 12 ounces
19.3 inches long

I wasn't able to meet Meredith in the hospital right after she was born because I had a virus. I was so bummed! So, yesterday Cole and I took dinner over to the Mendez family so we could meet my sweet friend Michelle's precious baby girl. Meredith is so sweet....and TINY! I had forgotten how tiny newborns are and it made me a little sad! Anyway, Haylee (Meredith's big sister) was taking a nap when we got there so Cole made himself right at home and started playing with all her toys. It was like he owned the place....so funny. Michelle and I were able to catch up while I snuggled with Meredith and ooooed and ahhhhed over her beautiful hair. How cute is it!!!!
Cole did better with her than I thought he would. He actually wanted to see her and touch her!
Nick and Michelle, you have such a beautiful baby girl! Thanks for letting us come over and meet her and a big thank you to Haylee for sharing all your toys!

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