RT's Birthday

RT turned 29 on March 19th and had a great day! He started the day off with a Cinnabon cinnamon roll for breakfast and presents. For his gift this year I had Cole's picture taken in RT's college soccer jersey and cleats. They turned out soooo cute! I was nervous because Cole has not been digging the camera lately but he was in a good mood so we got some really cute pics! Here they are:
{Sorry they are not very clear. I had to scan them}
RT left work early to use the gift certificate I gave him for one of his Christmas presents. He has neck and shoulder issues as a result of a car accident he was in a long time ago so I got him a 1 hour neck and shoulder message at The Woodhouse Day Spa. If you have not been to this place you must go! Then we met him for dinner at Razzoo's so he could order craw fish {one of his favorite things on earth}. He at 4 pounds! Cole wasn't too sure about them though.
{Yes. He is sucking the brains out of the craw fish. Apparently that's where most of the flavor is.}
After dinner we headed back to our house for birthday cake. Cole got a little embarrassed when we started singing but was a big help blowing out the candles!
We are glad you had a wonderful 29th! Can't wait to see what this year holds! I love you!

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Jessica said...

The pictures of Cole in Arty's jersey turned out great. That is such a great gift idea. Glad ya'll had fun in Huntsville with The Pills', look forward to hearing all about your trip.