Spring "Break" 2009

Spring Break 2009 wasn't so much a break as it was one of the busiest weeks we have had recently. Here is what our week looked like {I can't believe I did not get any pictures from our play dates so use your imagination!}:

Monday, March 16th: Lunch and play date with little Miss Haylee and her mommy Michelle. We met at Willow Bend and at lunch in the food court and then let the kiddos play in the super fabulous play area. Then we did a little shopping!

Tuesday, March 17th: We were supposed to meet my friend Krissa in downtown Grapevine for lunch and shopping but someone busted the windows out in her car so she had to get them replaced and we are going to reschedule. So, instead Cole and I met my mom for lunch and went to Petsmart and saw the birds and the puppies followed by some more shopping!

Wednesday, March 18th: Cole and I ran a few errands before we met up with my friend Robin {we have been friends since the 3rd grade} and her 2 kids { and she is expecting twins in September/October}, mom and sister for a play date! We had so much fun catching up and watching our kids play! I was also fortunate enough to see her Mimi and Tex while we were there! Love them!

Thursday, March 19th: Daddy's 29th Birthday! I will go into more detail on RT's birthday in the next post but while he was at work I got my first mani/pedi of the season and baked his birthday cake and wrapped presents before we met him for dinner.

Friday, March 20 - Sunday, March 22nd: RT and I were in Huntsville, Alabama to visit our friends. Stay tuned for a later post about our super fun and relaxing weekend!

So, it is safe to say I will be home today!

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