3rd Annual Craw Fish Boil in Huntsville, Alabama

On Friday RT and I went to Huntsville, Alabama to visit our friends Mike and Amanda Pillsbury. For the last 3 years during the first weekend of the NCAA tournaments they have hosted a craw fish boil. It was smaller this year because Amanda has been very sick {but is doing much better now that they know what she has} so we got to spend some real quality time with some of our favorite people! While we were gone we did find out that Cole had a constant fever that got as high as 102.7! We thought he felt warm when we got him out of bed and put him in the car to take him to my parents but just thought he got warm while he was sleeping and might be cutting some teeth. When we landed in Huntsville and I called to check in my mom informed me that my baby was definitely sick! Poor little guy!! She assured us that he was fine and for us to enjoy our time away. Hard to do but I did feel OK knowing he was in good hands back home. So, we ate and lounged, and talked and had the best time!!!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend:{This is what craw fish look like while they are still alive before you dump them into boiling water. So sad.}
{This is their view from the backyard. Love it!}
{The Boil Master}

{RT and Adam playing Cornhole}
{Adam, RT and Pills}
{You cannot believe the flavor of these artichokes. AMAZING!}
{Digging in}
{There he goes again.}
{Our fabulous hostesses!}
Thank you so much Pills and Amanda for such a wonderful weekend and for all the awesome food! Can't wait to see you in August!

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