One Very Sick Little Guy

We have one sick little guy on our hands. As I mentioned in a previous post, Cole started running a fever on Friday and still has a low grade fever today. He has had a couple of blow outs but is still hydrated enough to have normal diapers {I know you all wanted to know that} so basically we just have to wait it out. We had a rough night last night. Here is how it went:

9:00 pm - Cole finally fell asleep on the couch after an hour of trying.
9:45 pm - We try to move Cole to his crib. He wakes up and we let him cry for a few minutes until we hear him cough in the monitor so hard that he made himself sick.
9:45-10:00 pm - We change crib sheets and Cole jammies and head back to the couch to see if he will fall back asleep.
10:30 pm - He finally fell asleep again.
11:00 pm - We try and move him back to his crib again. He wakes up and we put him in bed with us.
11:00 pm-12:00 am - Cole tosses and turns in bed with us. Coughs so hard he gets sick 3 more times {we were prepared with towels this time} and finally falls asleep.
2:00 am - Cole is awake again. He cries. I change his diaper. Give him milk. Cole and I head to the couch so daddy can get rest for work.
2:30 am-6:00 am - Cole and I sleep on the couch. It's not very comfortable to say the least.
6:00 am - Cole is up. I change his diaper again. I give him milk and we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.

So today, we just hung out. We took a short nap this morning and ate a pretty good lunch. We watched lots of Play House Disney and Mimi K brought over yummy Popsicles and BOLT! BOLT was the first movie Cole saw in the movie theatre and we couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. He LOVED watching it in his highchair while he ate his very first Popsicle. I hate that my baby is sick and I hope he feels much better tomorrow!

{Yes. He is wearing his reindeer jammies from Christmas. I need to do laundry.}

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