Where Has the Time Gone?!

My friend since the 3rd grade was in town this week so we were able to get the kids together today for a play date...and so we could catch up. Robin lives in Austin with her husband Jeremy and two precious kids Luke and Halle. We had so much fun today with our moms and Robin's sister laughing about the old days! It seems like only yesterday we were playing school at her parents house when we were in elementary school or goofing off during drill team practice in high school. Now we both have kids!!!!! I can't believe how time has flown by! Needless to say we are all caught up and I look forward to hanging out with them again soon! The kids were great entertainment and I think Cole might have a new girlfriend!
I think Cole thinks Halle is cute!

Halle, Cole and Luke

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Marilyn Johnson said...

Lyric, I love the pictures!!! We had such a good time yesterday. We got out some old pictures last night of you and Robin and showed Luke. He thought it is was. See ya soon. Marilyn/Monie