HAPEEEE 4th of JULYYYY!!!!!!!

We celebrated the 4th of July on my parents boat Friday. It didn't start out as a very good boating day because when we got to Lake Texoma a thunderstorm blew through. The good thing about that was it dropped the temperature significantly so it wasn't extremely hot. So, we sat around the table on the slip with my parents "slip neighbors" and ate chips and dips and had margaritas and beer. Once the rain stopped the boys took turns jumping off the boat and riding the jet ski, while the ladies sat around and took tons of pictures of Cole! It turned out to be a fun and relaxing day on the lake and here are too many pictures of Cole on his first 4th of July!

Cole also got to see ducks for the first time. Daddy and Gramps fed the ducks while Cole watched them splash and swim around. He loved them! (You have to look closely in the pictures to see the ducks....they are the same color as the water....gross, I know)

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