Lake House with Friends

The weekend of July 25th we celebrated our friend's birthday by staying at his in-law's lake house.  It was too much fun!  Six adults and seven kids stayed in the guest house and had a blast!  I didn't take a lot a pictures because we were too busy having a good time.  We played a lot of washers and corn hole, ate too much, went fishing and swimming in the lake, went to a clubhouse to swim at the pool, visited their duck camp and drove the gators, collected shells and Campbell slept in until 9:00 for the first time in her life!  
Happy birthday, Drew!  Thank you for inviting us!

Southbound 35 for the Weekend

I love visiting Austin, TX.  It is such a fun city so I am super lucky that some of my best friends live there.  Though I don't get down there as often as I would like, I always have the best time and this visit was no exception!  I had the pleasure of meeting two of my best friends new babies!  I love their mamas, love their babies and had so much fun catching up.  It's like we graduated collage yesterday!

When I left Prosper it was 62 degrees outside....in the middle of July.....in Texas!  Completely unheard of!  It was smooth sailing southbound on 35 until I got South of Waco.  A 14 mile stretch of I35 was shut down and I was stuck in it.  So after 45 minutes of inching along the service road and a crazy detour later I was cruising again....until I got to Austin and was stuck in traffic again because of two separate wrecks, I arrived at Sarah's house and got to snuggle with 4 week old Miles.  He is a precious little nugget and his big sister is the cutest!

 From Sarah's house I went to stay the night at my friend Shelley's house with her husband and sweet baby girl, Charley.  She was 5 months old when I visited and was such a doll!  We totally bonded and I loved getting my baby fix!

 After more lunches, dinners, countless hours of chatting, it was time for me to head home to my "babies".  Thankfully my drive home was far less eventful!
Thank you ladies for such a fun weekend!  I will be back soon!

4th of July at the Lake

The 4th of July was a blast this year!!  We spent the weekend on my parents boat and enjoyed every minute.  The kids (big and little) went swimming, jumped off the dock, jumped off the front on the boat, went fishing, rode the jet ski, saw fireworks and so much more!  We love our family time at the lake!


Random Overload

 Date night is always the best!

 I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Bird but the top of our TV is not going to be where you build your new nest.

 Boys will be boys
 This was pretty much my view for the whole summer.  
 Red, white and blue mani/pedi for 4th of July
 This girl LOVES strawberries
 Cousin time is the best time
 Another date!!!
 Good morning sunshine!
 Happy birthday Mom/Mimi
 My first margarita martini.  Fabulous!
 Seriously the best dessert I have had in a while!  Get some at Season 52.