Playing Catch-Up

Man-O-Man!  School started and life got crazy busy!  We went from a pretty low-key summer to school, work, room mom duties, PTO duties, baseball, soccer, preschool, dance class, gymnastics and everything in between!  I really wouldn't have it any other way but I would love a day to catch my breath.  Here is what we have been up to:
 Lunch date at school.
 Sassy sister before gymnastics.
 Teddy Bear picnic at preschool.
 Bubby got a virus.
 Home after a soccer game.
 Campbell couldn't hang at bubby's baseball game.
 Beautiful drive to school on morning.
 Family.  My kiddos, Kori's kids, my cousin Lauren's daughter and my cousin Leah's daughter at her 1st birthday party.
 Campbell and Abigail at Everley's princess birthday party.
 Rainy soccer game.
 Friends come over for smoked brisket and all the fixin's!
 Crazy trampoline hair.
 True Texas Rangers fan.
 Last game of the season.  See you again in April.
 Royal Run at school.  Yes, I am in a tutu, Cole and his new buddy Peyton and Cole won a skateboard for raising the 5th most money in the entire school!  AND, his class raised the most money out of all the class so they won an ice cream party!
Rainbow Loom is all the rage.
Shoe shopping after dance.  What can I say?  The girl LOVES shoes.

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