Our Busy Saturday Continued...

Cole had a loose tooth for a couple of months that he had been baby-ing because he didn't want to have it pulled.  Well, yesterday after his games and showers it was time.  His tooth was super loose and he was feeling brave so we jumped at the opportunity to pull it.  I videoed the actual pulling and am happy to report he didn't even flinch.  RT took a couple of tries and then out it came!  No tears, no problem.  Cole was pretty proud and called all the grandparents to tell them the news!  The rest of the evening you could tell he was sticking his tongue where his tooth used to be...he said it felt so weird!  
 Then we babysat Gray and Abigail for the night while my sister and Jon went to a party.  As I was holding Abigail while making dinner with RT and Cole playing baseball in the house and Gray and Campbell pushing the shopping cart through the kitchen, I told RT this must be what four kids feels like!  It was a blast for the evening but I know I am not cut out for more than two kiddos.

The kids were great!  We ate dinner, and RT played with the older kiddos while I changed and fed Abigail and put her to bed.  She ate like a champ and after I swaddled her, I have to admit my swaddling skills were a bit rusty, and put her down, I never heard another peep from her.  While she slept everyone else ate brownies and watched a movie.

 Cole put his tooth under his pillow and we read a book about the Tooth Fairy before going to bed.  He was anxious to see what she would bring him for his very first tooth!

 My kids crashed after the busy day we had, Gray not so much.  It was actually nice to spend some one-on-one time with him.  That has never happened.  We hung out in the playroom and watched Mickey and talked on the  Mickey phone until Kori and Jon came to pick him and Abigail up.  Needless to say, Kori said he was asleep before they got out of the driveway.  It was so much fun having them over!  Cousins are awesome! And when you are at Lala's house you get junk food and no bedtime!
This morning Cole slept in but when he came out of his room he had his hand behind his back and a big toothless grin on his face.  He said, "Mom. Guess what the Tooth Fairy left me.  Twenty.Dollars!"  I told him that was so awesome and that she must have given him $20 because it was his very first tooth so it was extra special.  I told him I didn't think he would get that much for the rest of his teeth.  He said, "I dunno. We'll see."  Hahaha!  Trust me. The Tooth Fairy will not bring that much money for every tooth.  Promise.  But, the grin on his face and his excitement was worth every single penny.  I melt.

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