Rangers (Game 2)

We finally took Campbell to her first Ranger game.  It was definitely a game we won't soon forget.  RT and Cole went the night before with their buddies so Cole was thinking he was pretty cool going to two games in two days.  Campbell loved it.  She clapped and cheered and ate.  All of this happened in the first inning and then things quickly went down hill thanks to the very drunk girl sitting behind us.  She was cussing and acting like a fool.  My dad has had the same season tickets for 28 years and I have never been to a game when someone around us acted like this.  Thankfully Cole had to use the restroom at the perfect time.  While they were gone the drunk girl behind us threw-up all over RT and Cole's seats.  Awesome.  I grabbed Campbell and our belongings and found the nearest security guard and got her kicked out.  I was beyond ticked.  Although it was gross and annoying, had it just been RT and I it would have been slightly less annoying.  But the fact that my kids were there and heard and saw everything really made me mad!

Needless to say, we did not see much of the game.  By the time they cleaned our seats and we sat back down (Cole was instructed not to touch anything) Campbell had reached her limit so we left.  We will take her to another game soon.  She (and we) need to have a happy experience!

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