Big Girl Room Transition has Commenced

On May 24th Campbell slept in her crib for the very last time.  This mama had a hard time with it.  Not having a crib in our house made it very apparent we do not have babies in our house anymore.  And because we are not having anymore children, there will never be a crib in this house again.  But the thought of midnight feedings, bottles and starting all over again helped me get over it pretty fast.  RT and feel like we have passed the baby stage in our lives and are ready for the next chapter! 

 So, her room is not complete but she did sleep in her big girl bed for the first time on May 28th.  She had a rough night but sleeps like a champ in her big bed now!  Such a big girl she is becoming!
 {Last night in her crib via her monitor}
{Playing in her crib one last time before we moved it out, to give to RT's cousin who is due in June, and started painting her room!}

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