Meet the Teacher

Tuesday evening was Meet the Teacher for Cole's last year of pre-school.  He was so excited until we got to his class and he saw his teacher.  For whatever reason, actually I do know why, Cole was scared of his teacher.  RT and I thought she was super nice!  He did the little project they had set up and then came over and started to cry because he thought we were leaving him there.  Sweet boy.  We finished getting the information we needed and after wrangling Campbell, who was pitching a fit because she didn't want to leave, we grabbed some dinner and tried to reassure Cole that he was going to have a fabulous year in Pre-K!
After a yummy Freebird dinner Cole was still not convinced his teacher was going to be nice and didn't think he wanted to go to school this year.  Oh boy!  We had a lot of work to do before his first day on Thursday!

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